Imagine. Imagine that from the moment your customers enter your store they’re transported into a world of well-being. A universe of your creation. A place where the atmosphere is relaxing after a long day, or reinvigorates a tired spirit.
Don’t you want to be the best possible host you can be? Imagine the good you could do for your customers by choosing background music that suits their profile and meets their needs. Count on NovaVision’s cutting-edge technology and experienced team to help you create the perfect atmosphere. Welcoming your customers has never been so rewarding – for you, for them and for the success of your business.
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Your content. When you want it. How you want it. 

We don’t need to tell you how much musical environment affects mood. Impacts behaviour. Imagine being able to choose how you decorate your environment with music the same way you choose the colour of paint for your walls. Better yet, imagine having the freedom to change the mood in-store depending on the hour of the day, the day of the week, or the season of the year. Is creating an environment in your own image attractive to you? Are your clients more jazz? Or classical? Have you noticed that those who shop in the morning appreciate pop music while those who drop by in the evening appreciate alternative music? Did you know that playing fast music at noon is a good idea, so that your customer won’t feel like he’s frittering his lunch break away? No? Well the experts at NovaVision do. They can help guide you towards strategic choices that make sense for your business. PSpeak with our specialists. They’ll help you build a playlist that is sure to please.

You manage multiple locations? Discover our Corporate Radio Solution. Because with NovaVision, customization is limited only by your imagination.

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Audio Clips

The choice is yours!

In-store music is a science as well as an art. Know that you can rely on the experts at NovaVision to guide you and help you make strategic choices based on your business and customer profiles, and even on the time of day.

Listen to these clips!

Extrait audio

A shopping centre


Prestige Ambiance
Extrait audio

A restaurant

Relaxing Ambiance
Extrait audio

A waiting room

60/40 Radio Ambiance (bilingual)

The possibilities are endless and custom-made for you!

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You manage multiple locations?  Discover our Corporate Radio Solution. Because with NovaVision, customization is limited only by your imagination.

The technology

You want to add messaging to your music? No problem thanks to NovaVision’s flexible programming.

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The 360° Solution

NovaVision takes care of everything. Takes care of you.

Close your eyes. Imagine music playing. Imagine it was chosen with your clients in mind. Great, isn’t it? And what about you? You’re relaxing. Relaxing, because NovaVision’s  360°Solution takes care of everything, from the equipment, to the installation, to your corporate radio programming. Contact us today!.

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