NovaVision takes care of everything. Takes care of you.
Close your eyes. Imagine music playing.  And you? You can relax. NovaVision’s 360°Solution takes care of everything, from the equipment, to the installation, to your content programming.
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On-Hold Messaging

Take advantage of every opportunity to communicate with your clients. Telephone on-hold times are the perfect chance to address your customers’ needs.

  • Music on-hold
  • On-Hold messages
Extrait audio

NovaVision On-Hold Messaging audio sample

(in french)

*NovaVision also offers audio production for your voicemail messaging system menu.

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Technical Support

  • Expert network management support
  • Continuous and remote monitoring of broadcast equipment
  • Management of any corrective actions
  • Turnkey solution
  • Automated updates and secure Internet connection


Sales / Installation / Maintenance
  • Sound system (amplifiers and speakers)
  • Display (HD monitors, stands and wiring)
  • A pan-Canadian team of experienced technicians

Message creation

NovaVision guides you in your content strategy and production.
  • Communication Plan
  • Audio message
  • Visual message: static, animated, video