You’re a skilled manager. Now, imagine yourself the savvy DJ, easily programming music that will please your customers. And while you’re at it, slip in the occasional personalized message or ad. Throw in a news flash. Imagine. Anything is possible thanks to NovaVision’s Corporate radio solution. NovaVision specialists will guide you through the content creation process. With their help, you’ll be the music programmer of your very own corporate radio, customized for each of your various locations.
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Your content. When you want it. How you want it.

Personalized corporate radio – what better way to showcase your brand image? Take full advantage of the flexibility offered by a customizable musical universe. Add your own personal touch. Care to slip in an ad from time to time? Or an offer that surprises and delights? How about an important message from your company president? The experts at NovaVision can program your content to be broadcast when you want it, to the minute. You have special content for certain locations only? Or you’re at a loss for content? Not a problem. Our specialists in studio take care of everything, from content creation to production. Speak to the experts at NovaVision today. Your very own corporate radio is well within reach.

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Audio Samples

The choice is yours.

With 20 years’ experience in in-store music and messaging, NovaVision is #1 in the field of corporate radio in Quebec. Specializing in the deployment of technology in the commercial space, we manage corporate radio networks throughout Ontario and Quebec.

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Extrait audio

CPJC Radio

Jean Coutu
Extrait audio

Metro Ontario

Extrait audio

Marcil Radio

Marcil Centre de Rénovation

Get a taste of what your very own corporate radio could sound like!

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The Technology

Communication that’s doubly efficient! Did you know that NovaVision corporate radio and digital signage technologies allow you to synchronize your audio and video messages?

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The 360° Solution

NovaVision takes care of everything. Takes care of you.
Close your eyes. Imagine music playing. Imagine the corporate radio you’ve created for your clients. Isn’t it great? Now what about you? Easy. You can relax. NovaVision’s  360°Solution takes care of everything, from the equipment, to the installation, to your corporate radio programming. Contact us today!

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