Making your commercial space even more dynamic has never been easier. Never more flexible. NovaVision’s Digital Signage Solution broadcasts the kinds of ads, offers, weather and news updates your customers will appreciate, on a screen that fits in with your decor. They won’t be in a rush to leave your store to catch the latest sports update. You’ll be able to present any photo and video content you want. Imagine the potential! Your customers’ attention, stimulated. The retention of your messages, facilitated. Your brand, promoted. Your offer, differentiated. Become your own broadcaster. Bring your brand of content to your customers. NovaVision can help you create the perfect mood for an in-store shopping experience. You’ll reach your goals thanks to cutting edge technology and the support of an experienced team.


Your content. How you want it. When you want it.

In industries where every ad dollar counts, digital signage is growing in popularity. Flexible, with a strong ROI, digital signage allows you maximum personalisation at minimal cost. Imagine the potential: you can control how and when your ad, animation or other video or photo content is broadcast in your points of sale. Do you want to be able to change your ad messaging on a regular basis? It’s possible with NovaVision. Do you want to provide your customers with weather and news updates? It’s possible with NovaVision.

You need access to a large bank of photos and videos to create that perfect atmosphere? Choose NovaVision. You want to create content for your digital signage? Choose NovaVision. You want to have a special app developed for your business? Choose NovaVision. We specialize in it. The experts at NovaVision can help you choose from the wide range of digital signage solutions at your fingertips.

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Video Clips

Photos and videos to create the perfect atmostphere. Static or animated ads. News. Weather. Conference room bookings. The choice is yours. Anything is possible.

Video Clip from La Caisse du Lac des Deux-Montagnes

Nouvelles RDI

RDI news and weather functions

Nouvelles RDI

Conference room booking and weather functions

Salle de conférence

You want to go a step further? The R&D division of NovaVision can develop a tailor-made app for your business. Imagine. You can track the movement of your fleets. Display your inventory. Anything is possible!

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The Technology

Communication that’s doubly efficient! Did you know that NovaVision corporate radio and digital signage technologies allow you to synchronize your audio and video messages?

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The 360° Solution

NovaVision takes care of everything. Takes care of you.
The wheels of your business turn. They rotate 360 degrees. Just like NovaVision’s 360° Solution. We take care of everything : from the equipment, to the installation, to the programming of your digital signage. And you? You just keep the wheel of your business turning. Imagine a wheel that never stops turning, thanks to your digital signage messages. Terrific isn’t it? Everything at your fingertips. Contact us today!

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