The iNova multimedia player features a cutting-edge management application wholly developed by NovaVision’s R&D team.
Players include 2 audio outputs (2 music zones or 1 music zone and 1 zone for a telephone hold system) and 1 video display output.
All files and programming parameters are uploaded into the players and updates are conducted remotely, by Internet. iNova systems continue to support programming even when Internet connection is down.
The maintenance of iNova multimedia player is provided on-demand by its proprietors, NovaVision.


Connection and portal


Our services leverage your high speed Internet connexion while posing no risk to your network security. The iNova multimedia player contacts the server. Never the other way around.



The iNova solution integrates a next-generation musical architecture, as well as a file management display that is fast and flexible. Manage the player with ease thanks to our secure, web-based client management portal.

A synchronized solution

The Corporate Radio Solution and the Digital Signage Solution. Individually? So important. On one hand, a pleasant musical atmosphere enriches your store. On the other, a touch of the visual brightens your decor. Together? Doubly efficient. Let NovaVision synchronize the 2 solutions for a shopping experience that’s doubly powerful.
Synchronizing sound and images is child’s play thanks to our cutting-edge management application. Get twice the communications impact by broadcasting a video message from your company president, or offers and ads that will catch the attention of your customers and please your suppliers.

Tailored to your needs

You’re looking for a solution that’s specific to your business? Look no further. NovaVision’s R&D team can help you make your vision a reality. Whether it’s to display available inventory of a product on sale, or track your airplane or truck fleet movements in real-time, anything is possible!